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What can you say about tubes. Well first it is important for the clarification of those who first hear about cigarette tubes, that they understand almost entirely, it means filtered cigarette tubes. They look basically like an empty cigarette. There are a huge number of brands and are almost entirely produced in Europe,Filtered Cigarette Tubes - A Video Introduction Canada, and in Asia. They have varying filter lengths and varying sizes but really they have many more similarities than differences. This first video on tubes will answer many of the questions we receive from readers. As far as quality is concerned most all tubes are really pretty good. Some are better than others but much of that kind of hyperbole depends on each person's perspective. In other words, like tobacco, tube quality can be very subjective. What is clear is that without tubes, there would be no MYO industry. To produce these things requires a sizeable investment in machinery and technology, even greater than that required to produce injectors. But while tens of thousands of injectors are produced, billion of tubes are manufactured each year. Take a look at the basics which will be followed by a video that focuses on a direct burning test between a standard tube and the upscale Vera Cruz .


In  the course of filtered cigarette tube development, no single advance has rivaled the significance, for the world of MYO, of the introduction of the Vera Cruz tube. Not only is this tube absolutely gorgeous, but its burning characteristics offer a distinct improvement as well. Tired of all the white ash on your clothes or all over the table or car where your ash tray resides? Check out the Vera Cruz. While Imperial Tobacco, after its purchase of CTC, the original manufacturer of the Vera Cruz, has decided to no longer make this somewhat expensive tube, the rights to the design and trademarked name have been assigned to another company. There will be no shortages of this tube and a newer light version will soon hit the shelves as well. Until then, take a look at the Vera Cruz. With other companies upgrading the cosmetic appeal of their tubes, the MYO enthusiast should look forward to an end to the excessively boring and generic look of MYO.

The Vera Cruz Designer Quality Tube


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