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The art of true hand rolling is a skill that escapes most people. There are no tricks or secrets really, only lots of practice and a willingness to go through a few packs of papers until you get the hang of it. Now after a relatively short time, one can certainly learn to hand roll stick that are smokeable. The problem is thatHand Rolling a Cigarette, Rolling Tobacco by Hand it takes a considerable leap from that level before you can roll really good looking sticks. And as we mentioned, most Americans have neither the patience to spend this kind of time when there are easier alternatives, nor the desire to smoke sticks in public that look more like a joint rolled by one considerably under the influence. Still, we feel it is important to learn to at least roll smokeable sticks as the time may come when you have no alternative.

Tobacco is quite enjoyable in the natural state that a hand rolled cigarette creates. This video shows my less than professional abilities in this field. Give it a try. It is fun and once you get good at it, it can be a great parlor trick, not to mention the fact that you may actually enjoy tobacco more in this manner. Hand rolling certainly leads to moderation and conservation of tobacco supplies.

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