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While the art of handrolling tobacco is far more prevalent in Europe than in the US, there are significant numbers of folks who do like a hand rolled stick. No filter, nothing but pure paper and pure tobacco. However, since most Americans who smoke cigarettes like a finished, professional look to the sticks they place in their pie slot, hand rollers, clever small machines that accomplish what few can do with fingers alone, areHand Rolling Cigarette Tobacco Machines increasingly popular. There will be future videos in this section concerning a number of nuances related to these machines, including the ability to roll cones and other interesting shapes, but for now we wanted to give you a comprehensive introduction to hand rolling machines. While I personally almost never hand roll anything, I do use these machines when backpacking and for smoking more potent, exotic tobaccos like Halfzwares.

The ability to perfectly roll long, thin delicious sticks simply cannot be accomplished any other way. And a fine, thin stick of a great robust European style tobacco like Bali Blue, Samson or Gauloises, is hard to beat out on the trail, or even as an occasional treat, with a fine cup of coffee.

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