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Welcome to RYO Magazines MultiMedia Section. Please read this entire introductory page (again if necessary) as it has been updated - and enjoy the Hubble Space Telescope Video below.

We have the strong belief that as more smokers see these marvelous techniques and tools comprehensively demonstrated, the more likely they will adopt this superior method. As those who have been avid readers of RYO Magazine know, our philosophy towards tobacco and smoking is one of moderation, quality, and the overall pursuit of individual choice and freedom. We encourage no one to smoke. Those that choose to do so have a great alternative to packaged cigarettes which encompasses the MYO (Make Your Own) and RYO (Roll Your Own) methodologies. These demonstrations should provide needed detail to those who are not familiar with the process, as well as aid those who have already found this satisfying alternative in maximizing their experience. A great deal of time and effort has gone into the creation of the high quality video and audio you will find here. We thank our advertisers, our readers, and the many great companies associated with this industry for their respective support, input and innovative products and hope that this section will be a seminal instrument in the growth of this far more logical association with tobacco.

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If, when you first click on any graphic video link, your system asks you if you want to play the movie in your browser answer NO and chose that as your preferred method from now on. You want the file to actually open the Media player and not have it play within your browser alone. Trust us when we say, it works much better that way. The Media Player has more controls and affords image sizes that have far more clarity of detail and thus are far more enjoyable and instructive. And don't forget a set of good speakers that will likewise aid in your full enjoyment of the section. If you've reached this section from the main RYO Magazine site, it has opened in a new window. If your system can handle having two separate windows engaged simultaneously (most can) you can return to the main site by simply closing the Multimedia Section window. If not, close the main site now (located in the task bar of your browser). You can return to the main RYO Magazine site at any time by clicking here or entering in your browser's URL address window. Contact information for this section of RYO Magazine can be found at the main publication site by returning to it in the manner described above.

This next video is presented to you for your contemplation of things larger than our petty squabbles over smoking, freedom of expression, how ticked off we are at the government, and even as an alternative view of perhaps what only can be described as institutional Dogma. Whether it is religion or health statistics, Hubble Deep Space Photowe need to, on occasion, be aware of the enormity of our Universe, and the very small role we play in the Grand Scheme, if there is even such a thing. These newest photos from the Hubble Space Telescope came to me from an acquaintance at NASA and we thought it might be interesting to show them to you in detail. The HST was pointed at a very dark (ostensibly empty) part of the sky with an angle of view far less than one could achieve through a very small soda straw. We segmented the overall picture into twelve sectors in the video to show you close-ups of what the Hubble was looking at, resolving to a distance of nearly 15 billion light years. (For reference our Galaxy, The Milky Way, has a diameter of about 100,000 light years.) The occasional stars (bright round objects with 4 or more points of refraction you see - like you see in Sector One of the video - are actually very dim when seen from earth, even with a good home telescope, and all reside in our own Galaxy. ALL of the thousands of other objects, no matter how tiny, are entire GALAXIES (and a few other massive galaxy like objects of one sort or another) each containing hundreds of billions of stars. Even though this was the least populated portion of space the Hubble could find, the number of galaxies it resolved (in about a 30 day exposure) is enormous.

There are 100 billion stars in our own galaxy alone and hundreds of billions of galaxies (some with far more stars than ours) which we can observe - some whose light comes from the very beginnings of time. The ramifications of the magnitude of our Universe should allow one to put in perspective how important it is that the way we chose to live our lives be of our choosing. We are a mere passing cloud of particles that enjoy at least our personal definition of a life force and should ultimately answer to no one but ourselves. We are not responsible for the Universe - we ARE, each one of us, responsible for how we, in our tiny way, use it.

This contemplative video and all other videos in the MultiMedia Section can be viewed at 200% magnification which Media Player allows. Simply right click the video itself once loaded and it will give you size options. 100% is the clearest and cleanest but 200% will give you a pretty damn good close-up and for those with 1024x768 display settings, this particular video can be viewed extremely well at the   "full screen" setting. You can also pause the video at any point with excellent visual results. Enjoy this little Journey back in time. The light from the most distant objects left their source nearly 15 billion years ago, a time well before even the star whose ultimate demise coalesced into our present solar system existed.

Although anyone may download these multimedia files to their computers for viewing at a later date, all of the material here is protected under copyright and must never appear on any other web site or within any other commercial media without the expressed, written permission of RYO Magazine. The formal disclaimer follows at bottom, but first we wish to once again welcome you to what we hope will be a most rewarding experience. Retailers and manufacturers may purchase high quality DVDs of the videos in the MultiMedia Section. For more information contact RYO Magazine by clicking here.

Remember, this site is for readers of legal age only. We are not only vigilant in our attempts to discourage underage smoking, but we frankly feel that young people who do smoke, do so illogically, unthinkingly, and for all the wrong reasons (mostly peer pressure of varying origins and degrees). There is an entire lifetime to experience all of the vices and virtues life has to offer. Tobacco is a substance that is to be enjoyed by those mature enough to understand the reported inherent risks and who are capable of thoughtfully balancing those risks with a true understanding of what may constitute reasonable tobacco usage and enjoyment.  There will be many more videos in the future on the subjects addressed by the links at top left in addition to other video shorts as we find more and more interesting things and ideas that are best transmitted via multimedia. Enjoy - Doug

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