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There are many characteristics of tobacco that are vital to discuss. Of those, only a few really require a video treatment. Most characteristics have to do with cut size and various strains, curing, aging, and the general use of additives, toppings and flavorings, most of which can be covered with text and stillThe Proper Moisture Content of Tobacco photos. However, there are a few intricacies that can be better demonstrated using the video format. Certainly moisture content while it can be written about, can be demonstrated more effectively with real time video examinations of various stages of the natural tendency of tobacco to dry out. Proper moisture content has some aspects that come alive when demonstrated in this way, especially the sound dry tobacco makes when crumbled and the way various moisture levels behave when the tobacco is handled.

While nothing compares to the actual touching of tobacco, in the following video we try to give the viewer a starting point of reference as well as demonstrate what we can as to how tobacco, at various stages of moisture saturation and depletion, behaves. Learn what you can from the video here and we will, in the next video, explore even more definitive characteristics of tobacco.


In this next video, we will take a look at various cuts and styles of tobacco. While as stated above much can be examined with simple graphics and text, in the end, it is your hands-on experience by actually handling tobacco that will enable you to understand the content of the videos on this page. We will, in the future expand this section as it is an extremely important one, one that, as we get feedback from our readers, we will continue to address. The bottom line is that unless the tobacco you are using is in proper condition, you enjoyment of it can be seriously degraded.

Various Characteristics of Good Tobacco

Please feel free to continue to contact us with questions about tobacco conditions. It is one of the most widely covered subjects in the copious amounts of email we receive here at RYO Magazine. To contact us, return to the main magazine by either closing this window or clicking on and then go to the contact page.

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