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We thought we'd start this section off with a bit of a teaser. Keeping in mind that our feeling that easy to use table top, crank style injectors like the Supermatic and Excel are an integral part of expanding the reach of the Make Your Own experience, our readership to some degree has continued to be pre-occupied with even further automation of the process. While we have little faith that an electronic injector can be faster than the crankers, there is little doubt that a good electric could be more convenient. TheVideo: Click Here to See the Easy Roller Electronic Injector in action problem is that none exist that work well. More appropriately, we should say that none exist that work well that you can buy yet. There are designs our readers have seen and tried but the only one that stands out as having any potential at all so far is the one you are about to see. Play the video at right and all those below by clicking on its image.  Please note this was written at a time when the only electrics were Supermatics with a motor bolted to the top. View the video where we discuss the inherent weaknesses/possibilities of this design.

This Easy Roller from Denmark has been around for some time but in the hands of a large discount tobacco outlet chain. Many of you may have seen it in action. Because it cannot, for legal certification and power compliance issues (and others), be sold in the US. It is in the process of being shipped only to Europe.


Here's is the very first video of the new Magnum Electric Injector. We shot this at our booth at the Tobacco Expo Plus in Las Vegas this last April. Since we had the machine for a couple of weeks after that, we took the time to shoot some extensive video in our studio. However with what you'll see first as well as when you read the more detailed descriptions that are available at the regular RYO Magazine Injector Section site, we feel you will be as impressed as we were. The following is a video showing one of the principals of the company that is manufacturing this machine demoing it for us. I think even without the professional studio setting, you'll soon realize that you may be seeing a landmark moment for injectors. But only if the company CAREFULLY monitors typical Quality Control issues that arise with mass manufacturing production levels. The prototype shown here is perfect.

The Magnum Injector - Finally an Electric that works better than a crankstyle

Well it's time to look at real world injectors, ones that you can actually buy. Let's start with an overview of injectors along with some rather humorous misconceptions about the injection method. This first video will be followed by a closer look at the Supermatic, Excel and a variety of hand injectors. Remember, once the video has completely loaded, you can pause it in Windows Media Player at any time, and can zoom to 200% with only a little degradation. The music throughout the whole series is from Fingerpick Magazine,, yet another of our publications. Enjoy

The Supermatic Cigarette Injector - Tool or Medicine

Now that we all know that the art of injection has nothing to do with hypodermic needles, no funnels are needed to fill tubes, and that cranks are not disgruntled people, let's look at a more in-depth video on the nuances of the table top crank-style injector. The video below is a broad tour of the function of these innovative machines. It covers everything from simplifying tube placement, to filling the tobacco chamber. Also the function of the cutter, maintaining the cutter, and the importance of properly tapping down the finished injected stick are discussed. Pay particular attention to the part dealing with how the Spoon enters the tube. It will help in the subsequent video on tube release adjustments. We feel this one video will make your use of these machines a whole lot easier and even includes a Supermatic "Speed Test" for those that have not seen the prowess of this machine.

The Supermatic and Excel Cigarette Injector - The Process

We call this next one, "Injection on the GO." It highlights both the functionality and portability of the Excel injector as we take it on a brief trip. In all candor, it gave me a chance to get out of the office and drive one of my little race cars around. You see, while I am no longer addicted to nicotine, I've never lost the urge for fast, highly maneuverable cars. It's a fun romp. Again, pay particular attention to the tapping method after injection as improving this skill will make your sticks perfect each time.

Injection on the Go. The truly portable Excel with a nice tune from Fingerpick Magazine

Before we explore the world of the so called Hand-Held injector, we wanted to give our readers a quick understanding of how the Tube Release timing adjustment works on the Supermatic and Supermatic II. In most cases you'll never need to do this but if the need should arise, this will at least help you to understand the possibilities.

Supermatic Tube Release timing adjustment

And finally, at least for now, this last video in the Injector Section covers the world of Hand injectors. While there will be many more videos in this section in the future, which will cover a whole new line and design of injectors that are nearly ready to reach the marketplace, we are going to wait on those until their function and capabilities are a bit more time-tested. The hand injector is often the first injector newcomers to MYO encounter. They rarely can compete with the table-top crank styles like the Supermatic and Excel, but as you will see in this video, they are getting a lot better, both larger and easier to hold. Some can even inject two cigarettes at once and fill 100mm tubes. Their continued improvement is a testament to each manufacturer's desire to provide an entry level machine that produces far more function and far less frustration than the original line of hand injectors available only a few years ago.

The Cigarette Making Hand Injector


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