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Vera Cruz Brown Designer Filtered Cigarette Tubes
"The Mysterious Vera Cruz"

October December 2001 Issue of RYO Magazine
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Windsail Filter Cigarette Tubes   Last time we reviewed D&R Tobacco's outstanding new WindSail white-tipped, full-flavored tube, the only one of its kind. When we met with Mark Ryan of D&R and other industry member last April at the ITE in Las Vegas, we made the point that it was time for MYO filter tubes to take the next step in design evolution. In other words, that future tubes should begin to have some of the higher end design element found in more upscale cigarettes. The point is that the MYO industry is ready to present itself as more than a low-cost alternative to manufactured cigarettes. Indeed we have always felt that the flavor and other qualities characteristic of MYO cigarettes were far more dramatic and demonstrable elements than simply their lower cost. Mark Ryan had just begun production of his WindSail tube and once we saw it, it was apparent that he supported this new direction. His WindSail tubes are beautiful and their smoking characteristics are absolutely outstanding. Even though they are a full flavored tube, they are very smooth and satisfying as well as being extremely well made.

Vera Cruz Maduro Filtered Cigarette Tubes   It now appears that someone else was paying attention as well. The result we surmise is the new line of Vera Cruz filtered cigarette tube. With brown paper and an extremely effective filtration system, these new tubes are simply gorgeous. Better yet, they perform wonderfully without the paper taste that is sometimes inherent with darker papers (like Sherman'sVera Cruz Maduro Filtered Cigarette Tubes for instance). The full-flavored tube, the Vera Cruz Maduro, is quite mild in a rich satisfying way, allowing its use with a wide range of sophisticated tobaccos of varying strengths creating a finished cigarette that is both upscale in look and flavor. This is a King-Size tube, but the darker color and design elements give it a deceptively slimmer and longer look.

Vera Cruz Elegante Filtered Cigarette Tubes   The Vera Cruz Elegante is also currently a King-Size tube. However the little bit of literature that we found with this product leads us to believe that the maker's intentions is for the Elegante to ultimately be a 100 mm stick. In order for this tube to be compatible with existing injectors, the manufacturer intends to keep the tobacco-chamber part of the tube the same length as a normal King-Size, while the filter itself will be longer, thus achieving the extra length while providing the added filtrationVera Cruz Elegante Filtered Cigarette Tubes necessary to make a truly "elegantly" light tube. The one we tried was the King-Sized version and was definitely milder than the Maduro but not so light as to lose any of the flavor of those wonderfully rich tobaccos available to the MYO smoker. We eagerly await the new 100 mm as we feel that making the filter element longer is the smartest way to achieve the desired look of a 100, achieve the lightness that most 100 mm smokers are after, and still be able to use current injector technology.

   It is important right here to explain that this tube is somewhat of a mystery as it showed up at our office with almost no indication of its origin. We believe it to be out of the Pacific Northwest but have no manufacturing data or even an address or phone number with which to follow up our normal informational search. It is not completely unusual for products to show up at the magazine with little or no information. Since we frequently get new products well before any major manufacturing is committed to, some use our services to test the water before larger manufacturing commitments are made. In most cases we investigate such products and at least find a person to talk to in order to share with our readers predicted availability, or existing distribution. However occasionally a product knocks our lights out so much that we will cover it even if we can't find a lot of data about it. In these rare case what usually happens then is that the entity who sent the item to us gives us a call and provides information. These tubes are very unusual in that we have found no one claiming responsibility and thus we are unable to provide suitable information as to their ultimate availability.

   Having said all of the above, these tubes are so downright beautiful and smoke so well that we decided to take a little creative license with them and show them to you. They are precisely the kind of designs that MYO needs to upgrade its image away from just the low-cost demographic. Since MYO cigarettes, depending on the tobacco used of course, but almost without exception, taste SO much better than manufactured brands, it is only logical that they look better too. Vera Cruz (whoever may be the culprit behind them) has pulled that off magnificently. The product packaging and label carries a trademark symbol and we've checked and found the tradmark has been appiled for (which means it is secured) but it is relatively new and thus there is no detailed application info available yet.

   We WILL make every effort to find the manufacturer and let you know as soon as possible in a future issue the status of this major design upgrade. Until then, if our readers have any information about these products please let us know. You can contact us at the e-mail link below. Also we would like to hear from our readers as to what they think of the look of these tubes. If indeed the manufacturer is waiting for a response, we would be glad to share your responses with them. We won't pass on any personal information like email addresses but would be willing to provide comments and demographic numbers. Let us know what you think. - RYO


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