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RYO Magazine Weekly Updates, From the Editor, Doug Kennedy

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Injectors for Making your own cigarettes
"RE-Evolution at Work"

The Revolution Electic injector   The latest in the way of injectors appears to be a new innovation form the folks at Cigarettes Cheaper. Actually under the name of Cousins Tobacco Company all the materials, brochures and packaging appear to be ready. It looks however like the machine itself will still be several months away, sometime next spring. However, as we will show in our new video MultiMedia section as soon as we return from the RTDA around August 2nd, other electric designs almost worked and you can judge for yourself the potential for one being worth the high dollar value. The Revolution, pictured her, is a $250 machine and we will remain somewhat skeptical that such a device is worth this much money until we see it work. Having said that however, for some folks with disabilities, an electric injector may be a coherent solution.

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  Even at that price it won't take long to make up the difference between Make Your Own cigarettes and pre mades. Also CC and the major power behind it, Sally Baldwin, do have a successful track record in marketing on a pretty grand scale and I would be surprised if this is anything but the real deal. It is only the price the worries me and as mentioned before, even that isA Cigarette Manufacturing License???? reasonable for some folks. You still have to place a tube on the fitting and put tobacco in the chamber but it appears that more than one cigarette's worth of tobacco is going to be doable. That will save time. The injection process with current crank injectors like the Supermatic and Excel, for healthy individuals, is almost instantaneous so an electric machine will likely be no faster. Certainly less hassle if it works well. We'll just have to wait and see but we wanted you to see this new product and Sally was kind enough to supply us with a brochure.

   One word about the promotional material if you happen to receive a brochure before the product is truly ready. The brochure mentions the fact that in addition to tobacco, tubes , a case and other items, you also get a Manufacturing License. Now this license is only a promotional idea that has no real legal permit attached to it. In other word, the license says basically that you have been trained to operate the machine. So please don't anticipate that upon purchase of the Revolution, you are going to be able to set yourself up as a cigarette manufacturer. There are stringent regulations and cost to doing so and selling the finished product of this machine, even to friends is patently illegal. Just a reminder. The Certificate is a cute novelty but you know for sure, SOMEONE will take it as permission to set up a manufacturing operation. Not a chance taht will fly. The Premier Double Injector

   On a more current note, we have had the chance to shoot extensive video of the Premier Double Injector and will present that as well when we return in early August. This device actually does work well and with a little practice can save you some time over other hand injectors. It however is not as fast as a good crank like the Supermatic and Excel even with two stick at one time. You still have to fill both cambers with tobacco and still have to put two tubes in place. Nonetheless we think it will be popular because of its relatively low cost and the robust size and quality of its construction. You'll see what we mean in the videos.


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  And finally before we return we have just one more thing to cover in the injector world. In addition to the oversized injectors we showed you last time from CTC, ZigZag, and HBI, which by the way all have proven to work much better than their smaller counterparts, we have received a lot of mail regarding the Supermatic II. This medium price machine iSupermatic IIs a great idea but its plastic housing can lead to a bit of frustration when used for injecting large numbers of cigarettes at one time. While you do save some money on the original purchase, my honest advice is either go with the Excel or the Big Blue Supermatic if at all possible. The Super II can be a great machine if very determined care is taken not to over tax its potential. I have one of the original gold prototypes and have had no problems whatsoever. However I rarely inject more than a very few cigarettes at one time with it. For mass production I always use the Big Blue and for travel, the Excel. The all metal Supermatic Blue is a much better machine but more expensive. The Excel remains our favorite at its relatively low price point and great grip and we feel that those first entering the injector market would be wise to start with the silver Platinum Edition Excel. We have had quite a few including original prototypes and not one has failed us yet. Excellent machines. However one must take care with all injectors and we will have extensive video to show you on how to properly use these wonderful devices to their best advantage. Until then read the recommendation below and get your computer ready to use broadband and Windows Media Player 9. The MultiMedia Section will not only be instructional, but it will be a lot of fun with good music and beautiful scenery, not to mention very intimate scenes of every nuance of the MYO experience. Until we return enjoy the rest of the magazine.


   Now we repeat for those that are getting confused about 100mm tubes and machines, that the only crank injector to date that is specifically designed to work with both length tubes is the big blue Premier Supermatic. While it remains our recommended machine, it is not nearly as portable and costs several times as much. We think it is worth it and the dedicated MYO enthusiast usually winds up with this very machine. Still smaller units like the Excel and these new, larger hand-helds are certainly more convenient for certain methods of travel and because of their lower cost, do provide incentive for folks to try MYO for the first time. The Excel, in our opinion is more in the class of the Supermatic than these hand-helds. It is a great machine and frankly, I am as efficient on it as I am on the Big Blue. It won't last as long with heavy multiple pack per day use but I have no reason to inject that many smokes at a time. However, and I repeat, I would travel with these new lines of hand-helds, something I would have never done before with any hand held, especially for any extended period of time.

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   There really are no other new injectors to cover at this time so we are working on a series of video demonstrations of the optimal use of these devices. We will do so very soon in our MultiMedia section. There are many new innovations coming to this magazine and we look forward  to bringing you one step closer to the actual experience of using one of these machine before you spend the bucks to own one. As more people go to broadband connection, video demos will become a matter of course. We feel comprehensive video will also enable those who already own these machines to get better and longer use out of them. Until all the video, in addition to the one above, is ready, enjoy what is here and don't forget to read the Archives and patronize our sponsors. - Doug

   We felt it important to repeat our recommendation for the successful use of these machines (these tips apply to all injectors generally, most especially the crank style). You will find this information once again at the bottom of this page.

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Now, as promised above, you again will find our recommendations for the care and use of CTC injectors.

   The CTC line of Supermatic, Supermatic II, and Excel injectors have given a boost to the make your own industry like no other single product line. CTC's commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service sets a standard to be followed by all other accessory manufacturers. But even with all of the above true, some people are still having trouble with these marvelous machines. Since 1995, we have been using, taking apart, tinkering, and making recommendations for the design of these machines and find little left to criticize. We share a lot of reader input as well with CTC. However, there are some parameters that must be followed in order to have your machine last as long as the ones we use, which is to say effectively for many years. Although some of the following information is already included with the manufacturer's instruction, we felt, knowing most folks hate reading directions, especially regarding products that appear so simple to operate, that an instruction/recommendation sheet from RYO Magazine might further aid those who manage to miss the existing directions for use. The following is a sheet that will be included in all future Supermatics and we assure you that if you follow them religiously, you will have few, if any, problems. Please read carefully what follows:

RYO Magazine Instuction Card

The Premier Supermatic, Supermatic II, and Excel machines are without peer in the world of cigarette tube injectors. However, as robust as these machine are, they, like all precision tools, must be used knowledgeably and with care. By strictly adhering to the following simple recommendations, the trouble-free life of these machines can effectively be extended indefinitely.

1. Read all directions and save them, as well as this card, for future reference.

2. Never allow anyone not trained in the use of these machines to use them. I cannot over-emphasize the fact that the single largest cause of injector failure is its use by someone who has not been trained by the owner of the machine or read the instructions that come with each machine.

3. We have seen first-hand, many people putting downward pressure on the injector handle when injecting. This WILL invariably cause problems. Always use smooth and even force applied horizontally to the machine, never putting weight on the handle during the injection process.

4. Use medium to fine-cut tobaccos of medium to long length, never pipe tobacco type cuts or other very short cut, bulky blends.

5. Never use tobacco that is overly moist, or overly dry. The overly dry category includes the powdery tobacco residue often found at the bottom of tobacco bags. This "Shake" will definitely jam the injector.

6. Finally should your injector become jammed, or even require a little more pressure than normal to inject, STOP immediately, open the injector "crank" and clear the tobacco chamber using a non-metallic probe. Follow this up with a few dry injection motions (no tobacco). Forcing the injector when jammed with tobacco is the primary cause of failure in all injectors.

7. These machines have warranties that are a minimum of one year up to a Lifetime warranty on the Premier Supermatic. However, if you follow the above procedures, as well as adhere to the instructions that come with each machine, you will most likely never need to send a machine in for service.
Doug Kennedy
RYO Magazine

  Item # 3 above addresses what is considered a relatively new problem, but we suspect that this problem may have surfaced previously as a manifestation of the difficulty in holding down the original metal Supermatics. That older model had no rubber base and this fact alone may have contributed to an ergonomic issue for many people who subconsciously exerted downward force when they were cranking the machines in order to keep them from sliding around. The little black grommet/gasket/fitting that rests between the crank handle and the base is made of a hard plastic material that will deteriorate if stressed. We know that CTC is constantly working to improve their designs and the future may see better gripping points on the Supermatic top.

Peter Stokkebye International

   However, no matter what you do to improve any design that is meant to do the kind of work that a Supermatic is capable of, one can always find ways to break or damage it. The manufacturer now issues a one year warranty on the big blue guy and, while there is some inconvenience associated with returning products for repair even at no cost, considering the savings one achieves in making one's own cigarettes and not to mention the other benefits as well, we frankly feel that much too much has been made of these machines being damaged by SOME folks. While it is true that I broke my first Supermatic seven years ago within a month of getting it, I have owned many, and used MANY more since and they all have performed flawlessly. I learned quickly the machine's capabilities, vulnerabilities, and how best to use it. For a year and a half, we had demo machines at the store which were used extensively by novices (but with our supervision) and all of those, without exception, still perform as well as the day they were new. Still, as with any tool, you can screw them up. If you do, the information contained with your warranty will give you a number to call to return the machine or replace damaged parts if you so wish. You can also click on their banner below to go to the CTC Information page to find those contact numbers.

 Click Here To Contact The Clinton Tube Company  - Maker of the Mighty Supermatic

   With the dollar savings one gains from making one's own cigarettes, the higher cost of a table top injector really is minimal for most people and is quickly absorbed in the savings that result.Excel Platinum Cigarette Injectors  The less expensive and extremely well made Excel Platinum is, surprisingly enough, easier for some to use than the larger Supermatic and, consequently, it seems to have fewer problems for certain people. Even though it has some plastic functional parts, the recessed grip at the top of the machine does make it much easier to hold onto and therefore dissuades one from pressing down on the machine during the injection process. We love this little machine and see few returned because of damage. Part of the problem with the larger Premier Supermatic is that it is such a robust feeling machine that some fail to realize that a big, all metal machine that is as formidable as the Big Blue could still have limits to the amount of stress applied. For that reason we recommend that everyone who is serious about sticking with making their own cigarettes own both a Premier AND an Excel as a backup as well as a good hand-injector for travel. The smaller silver Excel is also great for traveling as it has no sharp edges and has shown itself to be very forgiving when packed amongst delicate items like clothes and electronics. Plus, it is a joy to use. And considering the fact that with a little shopping around on-line you can buy both machines for what some retailers charge for the Premier alone, this becomes a cost-effective solution should one or the other of your machines need repair. Places like D&R Tobacco ( ), American Thrust Tobacco ( ), RYO Tobacco ( ), as well as sell these machines at very fair prices.


   The Premier Supermatic, Supermatic II and Excel all have a one year warranty. The Lifetime warranty initially offered as an introductory promotion on the Premier Supermatic has returned to its normal one year warranty. The same rules above apply for the Excel as well as both Supermatics. Follow them with consistency and you will have a rewarding experience that will forever change your attitude about the way you use tobacco.

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   As a last note, all of the above is written with a huge amount of gratitude that is daily expressed by our customers, our readers, as well as we at RYO Magazine personally, for the efforts of those manufacturers in the MYO industry who, often at great financial risk, continue to provide significantly improved and evolutionary products to help make the case for MYO. The possibility that one's first experience with making their own cigarettes will be a negative one, is quickly dwindling. the ed.


EDITOR'S NOTE: These reviews are solely for the convenience of people of legal age who already smoke, are trying to cut down on smoking, wish to spend less money on their smoking, want to roll their own cigarettes from high quality tobacco, and, in general, wish to have a far more satisfying, and economical smoking experience when compared with smoking pre-manufactured cigarettes. We, in no way, encourage people to smoke. Further, we prescribe to a sane, more logical approach to smoking that involves common sense as to quantity coupled with a strong desire to manage the habit until it becomes an occasional, freely chosen, diversion, that can be fully enjoyed with minimal health risks. Finally, we strongly encourage those who do smoke to take it outdoors, or to appropriate environments where tobacco can be enjoyed away from those who do not smoke, most especially children.  We do not sell tobacco or related products from this site; We distribute information about our perceptions of the quality of what is available and where it can be obtained. If you are under 18,  it is illegal to buy tobacco and you should immediately exit this site. If you do not smoke, it would seem illogical to start.


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